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Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage, so on trend right now it hurts. But how can one pull of the perfect vintage inspired wedding without looking to much like a theme party. The important thing to remember with a vintage inspired event is to hone in on one era. Let that era influence all of the decorating decisions. One can add heirlooms from the period take center stage and add a personal touch.

229_130711_21143924045_oThe color palette for a vintage inspired wedding consists of muted colors. Olive greens, pinky browns, peaches, all work together to capture the vintage feel. The colors should feel “aged” or “antiqued”, hence the use of these colors. Make sure to use a antique white color as your neutral. Incorporate it in the table cloths and other linens.

Vintage Color Palette

The table set up for a vintage wedding is simple. Choose vintage china, flatware and glasses. These act as both functional pieces but also as decoration that continues the theme to the tables. Add more interest by placing different items to the table rather then the conventional flower centerpiece. Old books, other china pieces, any other little pieces from your chosen time period. The littlest accents can make the biggest impact. 

Continue your vintage theme by adding several other vintage details throughout the wedding. Add vintage furniture, seating, picture frames, Anything that really helps to pull the whole event together. 

Vintage Key Elements.jpg


Venues: How to make the Right Choice

Location, Location, Location. It is on everyones mind when planning any kind of event. No matter what kind go event it is, wedding, shower or just a plain old party. Location is the first choice that we all make. So how do we make this decision? Here are a few ways to help make the right decision because after all, location matters. 

  1. Create your Budget: This is the crucial first step. Some venues may be out of your budget. That is okay. One should not spend their whole budget on the venue. That is obvious. The are several other aspects of events that need to be budgeted for. Though a location maybe the most amazing venue ever. If it is your whole budget don’t push it. Try and find something similar that is more in your price range. 
  2. Indoors or Outdoors?: Are you looking for an outdoor venue or an indoor venue. Seems pretty simple but it is an obvious choice to make. By making this decision you can help to narrow down the venue that you are looking for. 
  3. Day or Night?: Another simple one but super important. Whatever your choice is it could limit the venues that will be available to you. 
  4. Aesthetic: What is your overall theme? Your venue choice is the backdrop for your whole event. Basically the venue should heighten the event and pull the whole theme  together. 
  5. How many people will be attending your event?: This is really important. Most venues have a limit of how many people it can hold. This is a safety rule. Also venue size can help you to limit or edit down your guest lists. 
Modern Wedding Style (2)

Modern Wedding Style

Modern wedding style takes shape from the current trends but applies them to a more urban and clean environment. A modern wedding style has a minimalist vibe, that gravitates toward architectural details. Clean lines and simplistic styles and colors are perfect for capturing this style.


A modern color palette lends itself to stark and contrasting color tones. Colors that work together to balance each other and create a cohesive and dynamic look. You can add some pops of color but overall the look should flow well. Use black and white with an accent color to add some personality into your color scheme. Lights and darks should balance to create the perfect modern chic look to your event.

Modern Color Palette


In keeping with the modern style keep the tables simple and sparse. Clean lines and easy place settings help to continue the theme throughout the space. Flowers add a simple touch to the table but keep them clear of too much additional decor. Choose either flowers or runners but not both. Modern style is about minimalism. Using square plates and incorporating in clean whites will help give your table a modern look.



Go for an industrial look with zinc table tops or bars and simple place settings. Feel free to use silver or gold as an accent color to make your event more glamorous or use farm tables with chic place settings for a more rustic look while still keeping your event modern and sophisticated.


Modern Key Elements


Food and Menus

Of course when you go to any event you are excited about the activities that will take place and the main purpose of the event all together. Whether it is your brother’s wedding and you have been waiting your whole life to embarrass him in a great speech you’ve prepared or it’s your company holiday party and you finally get the chance to hang out with your coworkers and talk about something other than work, going to any event is a fun occasion and usually is something to look forward to.

But what is really the main attraction of any event? The food of course!!

Jennifer Lawrence says what we all feel inside but are too embarrassed to actually admit…

Don’t worry J Law, you said it, but we were all thinking it! What we look forward to at any event is the food that will be served, so it’s important to make sure to serve good food that looks just as scrumptious as it tastes.

From the time guests arrive until they leave, they should be graced with delicious and mouth watering food.

From the passed hors d’oeuvres to the hot and cold stations during cocktail hour to the salad course, entree and dessert, guests want to be wow’d by the food at any event.

Cocktail hour may be a foodie favorite because they get to try little bites of everything! Try to incorporate many types and styles of food. Classic fruit, cheeses, and cold pasta salads at the cold station. Mix it up with different international stations such as Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, and BBQ, or whatever your personal favorite may be. The point is to try and have something for everyone! Keep passed hors d’oeuvres fun and eye-catching. Unique combinations that people may be willing to try a bite of but wouldn’t necessarily order for themselves. Cocktail hour is the time to show diversity in your food and have the chance to please everyone.

When it comes to planning your dinner menu it is key to decide which direction you want to go. For a more casual wedding or event, a buffet is perfect because each individual can have exactly what they want for dinner.  For more formal events, a sit down dinner may be expected and can make your event stand out. Choose items that appeal to you as well as a simpler option that may appeal to pickier guests. The menu should reflect your personal taste and the theme or style of the event. Typically a salad or pasta course will be first followed by a choice of entree or a dual entree such as chicken and beef or surf and turf or chicken and fish. Lastly, of course, is dessert which may or may not go on the menu depending on your preference. Make sure the look of your menu goes nicely with your style or theme of the event and is displayed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you have your event catered or your venue also caters the event, make sure to do a tasting to try the food. Maybe they are known for great steak and that is important to you or maybe they use all organic ingredients. Whatever your preference, make sure you can be confident that guests will love the food. The food at an event is important because it makes a lasting impression and boosts guest enjoyment. Great food=happy people and a happy environment for your day.

Possibly most important in some eyes is dessert! Some people opt to have a fancy dessert bar with a chocolate fountain and a huge sampling of delicious goodies while others prefer to keep it traditional with a stunning, yet equally tasty cake. Dessert will be the last impression for food at the event, so make sure it is on par with the rest of the food. For those with a sweet tooth, like us, dessert should be decadent, elegant, mouth watering and make us keep eating it despite how full we are! We live for cake, ice cream, chocolate, and sweets of all sorts. We want to be completely satisfied at the end of the meal and the only thing which can accomplish that is dessert. Splurge on dessert because trust us, it will be remembered!

Cupcakes are a fun modern idea as an alternative to a layered cake. They can be as simple and fun or as elegant and intricate as you choose but they are for sure a crowd favorite and will have your guests oohing and ahhing!


Although the reason for the event is of course the most important part of the day, the food at your event can elevate it greatly because it is such a widely enjoyed part of life. There will always be those who eat to live, but for a lot of us we live to eat and get so much enjoyment out of incredible food. Whether it is your wedding day, your daughter’s 3rd birthday party, your best friend’s baby shower, or a corporate event you are less than thrilled to be going to, the food can make your event one to remember or it can be mediocre and boring. Trust us, you want to have outstanding food from start to finish to complement the rest of your amazing event that you worked so hard to perfect.


Beachy Wedding Style

Beachy Wedding Style

Whether you have a destination wedding or just want to bring the beach to you, a beach inspired wedding is the perfect way to keep your day relaxed and tropical. Walk down the aisle to your soulmate with your toes in the sand. Who needs decorations in your ceremony space when the waves crashing behind you can be your perfect backdrop!

Beachy color palette

For a beach themed wedding keep your color scheme bright and tropical with neutrals to balance. Tan linen suits or khaki pants and white button downs for the gents are the perfect way to keep the ceremony classy while still being laid back. Add in pops of color like aqua or bright coral in floral arrangements and accents.



Tying in fun beachy elements like shells and starfish is a fun yet elegant way to keep your beach theme present throughout the event.




Beach weddings can be beautiful and breath taking even when its not 85 degrees and sunny. This intimate ceremony space that incorporates greens and neutrals with the calm gray ocean is the perfect example of how to do a beachy wedding that isn’t tropical. Beach weddings are not just for the Caribbean!

Beach weddings are a great way to make sure your wedding is fun and laid back. Get flip flops for your guests to use so they don’t have to attempt sand in heels or for a comfortable alternative for dancing. Personalize fun outdoor games like corn-hole or life-size Jenga to step up the fun on your special day.

The best part about a beach wedding? The pictures are incredible and the setting is one of the most romantic places to get married. Along with being a stunning background for your ceremony, it’s also one of the most affordable ceremony spaces. All you need to do is rent your favorite chairs and decorate your alter (check out our ideas here).

We love the way a beachy wedding can be so different and unique depending on the couple! Whether you want a tropical feel with Piña coladas, bright flowers and steel drums or simple and laid back with flowy neutrals and a boardwalk, a beach wedding is perfect to make sure all your guests, and you, enjoy the first day of your happily wedded bliss.

Key Elements

Real Weddings: Prep in your Step

Check out the wedding here


Brian and Caitlyn have achieved the perfect balance of preppy and classy. The bride and groom were wed at the Ballyowen Golf Club in Hamburg, New Jersey. A perfect back drop to match their preppy theme.  The love between these two is obvious in the way they look at each other! Make sure to get a shot like this at your wedding!

We love these personalized touches the couple included! The dark wood with script adds in a rustic look to offset the preppy seersucker bow tie. The koozie keeps drinks cool and acts as an adorable favor for guests that will keep your wedding day memories alive for years to come!


Caitlyn’s bridal party is stunning! She has her Maid of Honor stand out by incorporating the pink from her color scheme for her dress. She kept the fabric the same but changed up each of the styles to fit each bridesmaid’s personality and style. This allows each girl to feel special and important while keeping them similar enough to keep it classy. We love this idea!

The perfect preppy color scheme. Navy and white with pinks as the accent color. Bright flowers make the perfect bouquet for Caitlyn as she went classic and simple for her beautiful sweetheart neckline A-line gown.


This little cutie undoubtably stole the show with his blue seersucker bow tie, suspenders and hat to go along with his blue eyes. We think it’s safe to say he has already started his heartbreaker streak.


A gorgeous ceremony space and floral decorated alter to match the gorgeous happy couple.

To see how we designed a preppy wedding style check out our blog post here.


Preppy Nautical Wedding Style

Preppy Nautical Wedding Style

New England is know for several things, the beautiful coastline of the North Atlantic, clam chowder (or chowdah) and that classic preppy style. When you mix the Lily Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines and Sperry’s with the gorgeous coastline, the preppy nautical style emerges. A mix of quintessential New England coastal charm and traditional elements, preppy nautical style is perfect for those in love with everything New England. Preppy style can be overwhelming for some but we have some tips to keep that preppy style classy and elegant. 


The color palette for a preppy nautical wedding is pretty straight forward. Navy and ivory are the classic neutrals. Base the rest of your color palette around them and then choose other classic preppy colors to act as accents. Kelly Green, rose, or watermelon pink are perfect choices. Then add either silver or gold as your metals, choose one, not both. 

preppy nautical color palette

The coastline should definitely be a part of your nautical themed wedding. For a ceremony space, something on the water is ideal. Make it the backdrop for your vows. What better place to say “I do” then the vast and endless Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop?! Whether you are barefoot with your toes in the sand or in an elegant country club with a view you can be sure your preppy nautical theme will be well represented. You can even cheese it up by saying that the ocean represents your love for one another, immense and endless. ceremony_23837565043_o

Preppy style is all about clean and simple pieces with pops of color. Keep the table scape simple with farm tables. Add a navy and white striped runner, some gorgeous flowers (hydrangeas are perfect and so New England), simple white plates and either silver or gold flatware. Add a pop of color to the table with napkins in your accent colors to encapsulate the perfect preppy nautical look. 




Continue the preppy nautical influence by adding fun additions like a boat filled with seafood at the reception or nautical flags at the entrance. Remember to not overwhelm guests with too much of a theme. Simplicity is key, little nautical details can really help to take the theme from start to finish. Custom rope patterned pillows or anchors on your menus keep the theme present without taking away from the most important part of the wedding; You!!

Preppy Nautical Key Elements


Monthly Update Logo

Monthly Overview: What’s Hot

It’s the first blog post of the month so you know we have to talk about all things trending in August. New ideas, new styles, a fresh start. At the start of every month we will be doing a monthly overview or a “what’s hot”. These posts will cover the trends that we think will be hot or important during the month.

Although it is now August and summer may be winding down, this month still has so much to offer. Here are what’s hot in August:

Color Scheme: Sea Foam and Sandstone 

This color scheme is totally unexpected and different which is why we love it so much. This will take guests by surprise and give your wedding a cooler feel to offset that August heat. This is a very calming and gentle palette that can be as subtle or bright as you choose. Add in pops of other colors such as peach or navy to make this truly your own and reflect exactly the vibe you want it to.  You could even change up the shades depending on the month to make it brighter for spring or more muted for winter.

Naked Cake:

These cakes are simple and elegant. They add an interesting element to any event. Take it to the next level by adding fresh flowers to make these delicious decorations stand out even more. 

Candid Engagement:

No one can deny that they are obsessing over adorable engagement photos lately. We see them everywhere and can’t help but smile when we see those happy candid shots of couples laughing and being goofy or the sweet moments of looking lovingly in each other’s eyes. Ask your photographer to just let you be together and capture the real moments rather than having all posed and expected photos. Have a little fun and show who you truly are as a couple.

Calligraphy and Typography:

Calligraphy and Typography have taken the internet by storm. Fun and intricate invitations up the details at your wedding. You can incorporate fun and elegant fonts into so many aspects of your wedding from the very beginning in your invitations, to your programs, table numbers and menus during the wedding all the way to the end in your favors or thank you notes. The possibilities are endless.

Making it You:

Lately people have been paying special attention to adding touches that make their wedding uniquely theirs. Whether a custom bar or alter is your style or you prefer handmade favors or table accents we love the idea of incorporating personal touches into any aspect of your special day. They can be extravagant or subtle, but either way this is the one day where everything is about you and your partner and it will set the tone for the rest of your lives as a married couple. Make it special because it is a once in a lifetime day.

Let us know what you think this months trends are in the comments!

Bohemian Wedding Style (2)

Bohemian Wedding Style

The Boho style is certainly one that has been up and coming in the clothing and home decor industries, but it has also been making its way into the wedding world. Bohemian wedding style is a laid back and easy style that can be perfect for an outdoor wedding. By combining eclectic and alternative elements, one can create an event with an artsy and more creative feel while still being romantic. By tying in natural greenery and flowy accents you can give your Boho wedding a whimsical feel.


Your color palette will be one of the main factors in creating your bohemian feel at your wedding. Keep the colors earthy with browns and greens with some pops of color such as burnt orange, plums and deeper pinks. Darker and more muted colors with ivory and white accents will help your wedding feel artsy and unique while still keeping it elegant and romantic.

boho color palette

When selecting flowers and centerpieces for your Boho wedding, think greenery to decorate your alter and seating or even use as a headband. Use whites or the brighter colors of your color scheme in your floral arrangements depending on if you are going for a more whimsical look (use whites and ivories with greenery) or a more eclectic look (use the brighter colors to keep tables interesting).

Bohemian weddings are all about the little touches that truly show your style and give the wedding the unique feel you are going for. Add in tribal prints and wild flowers with gold accents such as a napkin ring or romantic font on menus and programs. The boho style is all about letting your personality shine through in every aspect of your special day. Use simple tableware to be the perfect canvas for all the personal touches you add.


Boho Key Elements