Summer Birthday Celebrations

From the end of June to beginning of July, the group chat I have with my siblings is constantly going off. My parents birthdays are 5 days apart and we always want to do something special for both of them. They both have different styles and tastes so we try to make dinner and the day catered to them.

We all have at least one friend who has a birthday during the summer months and there’s so many unique party ideas you can do for them. Check out the two photos below for some different party inspirations!

Obviously the best thing about birthday parties is all the desserts! My mom’s favorite is a chocolate flourless cake and The Kitchn has a wonderful recipe you should use for your next get-together! My dad’s favorite dessert is pistachio ice cream which is perfect during these summer months! For a unique way to change up the desserts, think of different toppings you could add to desserts such as chocolate chips or raspberry sauce.

pistachio ice cream

chocolate flourless cake

Now, when a close friends birthday is slowly approaching, there’s no need to panic! Take it one step at a time and if you’re in need of any rental or custom design pieces, reach out to NECR. We can help with any custom dessert table or bright signs to celebrate their birthday!



Trending Summer Décor Collections


Trending Collections For This Summer!

Summer is here and it is time to update your home décor to make sure you’re in with the new summer trends! Good thing NECR is here with our collections on Wayfair, that are perfect to bring in the new season and liven up the spaces you spend your time in. Check out some of the hottest collections we have and see the endless possibilities that we can make happen!

argyle collection

The Argyle Collection

Argyle is one of those classic patterns that people can never quite get enough of, including us! These forest green argyle pieces fit great for summer because the green compliments the natural beauty of the outdoors perfectly, and the crossing pattern of thin lines is appealing to give a laid back vibe. Adding a classic pattern like argyle to any room draws in the attention of guests and makes for a great conversation starter as well!

Starfish Collection

The Starfish Collection

How does it get anymore lively than starfish? We don’t know, but we love this summery and nautical pattern as an addition to any home’s décor! This pattern brings out the sea lovers in all of us and brings a little bit of the ocean indoors. This vibrant red is a great color option to brighten up a room, but we have all of our patterns in a variety of colors as well and they all work great!

Kaleidoscope Collection

The Kaleidoscope Collection

We love the kaleidoscope collection because it brings a subtle complexity into the equation for your guests and family to be drawn in with. This pattern has a boldness that just screams summer to us because of the flower-like shapes repeated in it as well as the soft lines throughout giving it structure but not too much because this is the summer and we do need to retain the laid back vibe. The black and white are simple but elegant and bring out the pattern in the best way.


We hope these ideas spark your imagination. Visit our Wayfair page by searching “NECR Print” or give us a call at 781-990-6000 if you have any ideas for home décor patterns not seen on Wayfair. We do customization and can make them come to life!

Beach Weekend Getaway

When it hits 5 o’clock on Fridays, people head home, pack their bags up for the weekend, and drive down to the Cape. If you need help selecting some fun tunes to play on the drive there check out this car karaoke Spotify playlist: Car Karaoke (believe me, this is one of the best playlists to sing along too).


One of the best parts of a weekend getaway is a beach picnic! There’s so much room for creativity here and you can pack pretty much anything for the beach. Some of my favorites include a cheese and fruit board, salads (dressing on the side), and small desserts. You want to pack food that is an easy clean-up and that does not need to be kept hot. Feel free to also dress up the table landscape with a nice linen blanket, pillows, and some tea light candles to create a cozy environment. Check out the photo below for some inspiration!

beach picnic

As you pack up your bags on Sunday and get back in the car, you’re already looking forward to the next weekend. The fresh sea air, the softness of the sand on your feet, and late night barbecues are what make the beach so special. To bring a little bit of the beach back home, check out NECR’s custom linen ocean design below. Whether you want to set this on your dining room table or hang it from your windows, you’ll be happy to see a piece of the beach at your home.

ocean linen

How to Decorate with Lights

Tea Light Holders for Your Tablescape

tea lights in sand, beachWe are obsessed with this idea of a wine glass filled with sea shells and sand. It looks so classy and fun at the same time! This look would be perfect on a table for your home to mix things up a bit for your family dinner, or an upscale event like an outdoor, beach-themed wedding. We also love the idea of using a sea shell with sand as a candle holder. The blue offsets the white shell and cream-colored sand beautifully and makes for the perfect addition to your summer tablescape. This look would work great at a casual event such as a classy cookout or even a beach wedding as well.

Hang Small Lights from the
Ceiling or Wall

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 1.11.10 PMHanging lights are a huge trend in homes and even college dorm rooms today.

Unconventional Candle Holder Ideas

hanging tea lights

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 1.20.45 PM



Graduation Party SZN

If you’re in need of some fun ideas for your graduation party this post will provide some creative and inspirational projects anyone can do! The recent graduates are heading towards new steps in their life and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party for them? As the season of graduation parties commences, people start thinking of gifts, sweets, and decorations they can do for their own party.

graduation photo 2017


For any custom design, print, rentals, or fabrications, check out NECR’s past work to see if they could help with your graduate’s party. From custom design tables for all the desserts to displays for the senior photos, NECR can create any display that you want.

Custom tables (pictured above) are a unique way to display photos, party favors, and desserts. The height of these displays allows for people to see everything and adds variety to usual table setups. You can also choose a theme for the party such as a color palette of the future college your graduate will be at. A rustic theme (pictured left) is another fun and different way to display desserts.

graduation table displaygraduation party table display

A classic way to display food and photos is with a traditional table display. By using the space around the table with streamers, balloons, and signs, you can make the space bigger and add height to the display. Also, be sure to use plates and stands of varying heights to add some structure, it also allows for easier access to all the wonderful food you made!

Cheers to a wonderful graduation party season! Contact NECR at +1 (781)-990-6000 for a design consultation and check out our website at NECR Events

And a quick shout out to Hostess with the Mostess for some of the stellar inspiration pics!

DIY Floral Inspiration

Party Favors

NECR party favor

How cute is this idea to create at your wedding, corporate event or family gathering? NECR can create the custom shelving for an idea like this.

NECR party favor

We  absolutely love the idea of succulent party favors for your next event!
Succulents are relatively easy to care for–just make sure to provide it with plenty of sun and don’t water it daily (the soil needs to be completely damp).

Hanging Flowers

NECR Hanging Flowers

Check out this cute idea for a wedding or an outdoor event. Hanging flowers on a string, from a tree branch, is so simple and would make a great backdrop for a romantic and fun Photo Booth.


NECR Hanging Flower
Here’s a fun idea for your next summer party! Instead of decorating with real flowers, save money by using artificial flowers. With these pink beauties, your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference. This look would be magical hanging outside with lights.

Fun on the Fourth

NECR, Fourth, Of, July, Summer, Flag, American,
NECR Fun on the Fourth of July!

Getting Together

The Fourth of July is a great time to get all of your family and friends together to celebrate and make fond memories. At NECR we love making those memories extra special. Whether it be customized corn holes for the family to play in the yard or beautiful linens to give your event that extra flare, New England Country Rentals has everything you and your family need to have an amazing Fourth of July celebration!

NECR, American, Flag, Event, Tent, Rentals
An event done by NECR. The flag is flying high and proud.

Snappin’ Summer!

NECR is proud to announce we are now on Snapchat! Our username is @necrentals and we can also be added by scanning the SnapCode below. We will be providing videos and pictures of the latest and greatest inventory we have coming in! We also will be showing some of the great custom work our craftsmen create to provide inspiration for your next event! Make sure you do not miss a single update that we have to come this summer!

NECR, SnapCode, Snapchat
NECR’s SnapCode! Add us on Snapchat!

Summer 2017 Trends

This summer, we at NECR think that rustic palettes and looks will be all the rage. One amazing combination that can transform your next event this summer is our oak stain chiavari chairs with a classic farm table. This look brings out the natural beauty of the scenery and livens up the conversation at any event. This combination also complements a wide variety of our house-made linens as well as a wide variety of silverware and dishes.

NECR, farm, table, chiavari, chairs, oak, stain, floral, summer, rustic, event, rentals, linens, silverware, glassware
A beautiful summery and rustic table set.

Give us a call or visit our website today for a quote on your next event!

Questions with Peppers Catering

PepArtEvLogo_CORE_CMYKA Little About Peppers Catering

For over 30 years Pepper’s Artful Events has been wholeheartedly dedicated to creating unforgettable memories, by artfully and passionately expressing our client’s vision. From our roots as a gourmet shop and café to the full-scale, full-service company it is today, we (John and Susan) have cultivated a culture of likeminded artists who share their purpose and passion of helping people celebrate life.

 We take every event personally and enjoy making it special and stress-free, even if that means sewing on a last minute button or standing in for a late usher. From a delicious and beautiful menu, dreamy desserts, and customized bar services, to stunning florals and enchanting ambiance, our talented artists design original events that fit within our clients budget and vision.  Our Event Managers delight in sharing your vision and incorporating your unique personality into all the details of your event, so that you can enjoy your day. From weddings to galas and holiday parties to baby showers we are here to make your event one to remember.   

What’s the best advice you can give someone looking to hire a professional in your field? 

Do your research! Each vendor has a specific range of prices and services, from FarmToTable_8-15-1429photographers and entertainment to wedding planners and caterers. To find the best fit for your wedding and budget, you can’t rely solely on price comparison. The benefits vendors offer and their quality of service play a big role in their pricing. You must compare both apples to apples. Almost all companies are on social media which can give you great insight into their day to day and the opportunity to see past events. Look at sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to give a view into the company. Also, check out their reviews on sites like Wedding Wire, The knot, and yelp which will tell you about past client experiences. There are many ways right at your fingertips to research your potential vendors.

What’s a fond event memory that you have? 

Over the past 30 years, John and I have made so many cherished relationships with our Credit Erb Photography_MoA?<<t Henn essy Grand Marnier_091615-5208employees, our clients and our business partners. It has been so heartfelt for us to have a number of employees who have worked with us in the past, moved on in their careers and then take the time to come back and say how meaningful their time here at Peppers was. We have a saying here that, “ it’s all about learning and growing together”.We create memories every day and feel fortunate that the passion we as a team exude for creating meaningful celebrations is shared with our clients and business partners. We have developed so many lasting relationships. It gives real meaning to what we do. 

Any interesting stories about how you got into your profession? vegan

For both John and I our beginnings were pretty straight forward. We both have a passion for delicious food, and creating an environment where it can be celebrated.I think the interesting story is how peppers has evolved over 30 years from a food to go retail shop to the artful full experience we offer our clients today. It has kept our lives full and blessed.

What keeps you moving forward/fresh in your profession? 

farm to table2-1710We are a company that has a culture of continually growing, exploring, sharing and inspiring. Our team is built of passionate creators who continually try to push the mold and challenge each other to bring a fresh new approach to everything we do. Whether it is trying new recipes and techniques or attending trade shows and researching industry trends, we are always striving to learn more to bring the very best to our clients.