A New Spin On A Common Concept: A Beautiful Spring Wedding

Blog photo 2

First let us say: congratulations to Jeremy and Josh on their beautiful wedding! The photos are truly breathtaking – we can only imagine how incredible it was to be there. The two were wed at the renowned Peabody Essex Museum and based on the photos we’ve seen, it looked like a night to remember. Now that we’ve established that their wedding was absolutely STUNNING, let’s talk about HOW they were able to create their perfect day.

blog photo 1

As you can see, the tables used are our infamous walnut tables. Everyone loves our walnut farm tables – and how could we blame them? – but you all love them SO much that they book out faster than we can say “walnut farm table!” We do our very best to meet the needs of our clients, but unfortunately there are times when we just can’t get them to everybody who requests them. The look of the walnut farm table as a banquet table is a look that people can’t get enough of, and often times they aren’t willing to settle for anything else.

But, there are some people with a vision. People who love the walnut table so much they would do almost anything to see it at their event. And Jeremy and Josh are those people. If you look closely, you’ll see that what looks at first glance like our 8′ walnut farm table, is actually two walnut square tables! With one runner across the top, who could tell the difference? It’s just another way in which YOU can have the look you’ve always dreamed of, regardless of how many others share the same dream…on the same day.

OR – better yet – what about choosing this option on purpose? By using our walnut square tables side by side, you are able to sit just as many people as you could at a banquet sized table, but each couple is just a little bit closer together, creating the perfect intimate affair.

NECR Ashley O'Dell Photography

Let’s pull back a little and look at the bigger picture (literally). Not only is the mix of square and round breathtaking, but look a little closer: the long table has just a runner, while all the round tables have full linens. This is an amazing way to mix it up and create a bold but soft look. We’re a little obsessed.

New England Country Rentals Ashley O'dell

Our farm tables can be used in many other ways, too. How about as the center pieces for events? Or a gift table? Cake table? Place card table? Or what about mixing round and square tables for a really aesthetically pleasing mix?

Okay, okay…we digress. Back to the wedding at hand. These accent pieces were the perfect touch to our farm tables. The square vases on the nautical runner with our farm tables creates the most exquisite mix of modern, classic and natural. Mixing the nautical linens and natural table top items makes for a delicate nautical presentation! (The use of tulips though – seriously perfection.)

NECR Ashley O'dell

Let this amazing wedding serve as a reminder of the endless options you have.  At NECR we are all about innovation and creativity (which would explain why we are obsessed with these photos.) Get creative  – think outside the box – and make your event one that everyone can’t stop talking about! We’re gonna go ahead and keep ogling over these gorgeous photos – and honestly, we think you should, too. 🙂

blog photo 3

These wonderful photos were taken by the amazingly talented Ashley O’Dell – thank you SO much for sharing with us!!

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