12 Different Ways to Use Wine Barrels for your Wedding/Event!

We love that our products are so versatile! Our items can be used for just about anything left to your imagination! Today we are giving you all some incredible ideas on the many different ways you can style Wine Barrels for your wedding or event! Take a look at our 12 ideas, you’ll be amazed at how different one item can look- Talk about variety!

Wine Barrel & Escort Cards

1. This Wine Barrel is used to hold escort cards for the guests along with the table number. The cards fill up the space perfectly and flows together with the table number and teapot overflowing with beautiful flowers!

Wine Barrel & Wedding Cake

2. Wedding cakes are so beautiful, you want to make sure the guests don’t miss out on the sight- putting it on a Wine Barrel is a sure way to get the guests to see it! (And not be able to take their eyes off of it)  This happens to be one of our most popular uses for the wine barrels! A display for the cake- how creative!


3. Here, the Wine Barrels are used as a display for the desserts. With the lights and candles surrounding the area, the scene radiates and looks SO romantic!

Wine Barrels and Buffet of food

4. The Wine Barrels are set up side by side as tables that showcases the food in a buffet style for the guests!

wine barrel as table

5. Different table tops can be placed on the wine barrels- This looks great, especially if you are going for a rustic look! Then a mason jar filled with flowers really completes the look to top it all off!

Wine Barrels different uses

6. These Wine Barrels are surrounded by wine bottle crates and apples- Showing that this item can transform with a little decoration! Do you have a certain theme you want to showcase for your wedding? Use the wine barrels as a way to emphasize that theme flawlessly!

wine barrels & tent

Wine Barrel with flowers

7. In the two pictures above, flowers are showcased on top of the wine barrels. In the first picture, the white flowers are on top of the barrels as well as in crates in front of them!- We love how elegant it looks. In the second picture, the colorful flowers immediately catch your eye! This shows no matter what the flower is- It will look admirable upon our wine barrels!

Wine Barrels drink display

8. The Rustic Plank and Wine Barrels is a great idea to use for a bar for the guests! In this picture the drinks are on display for the guests to self serve.

Wine Barrels standing alone

9. These Barrels are standing alone, and they do so effectively! Simply using them as decorations themselves is enough. They fill the space and do it with style!

wine barrels and walnut stools

10. The Wine Barrels used as cocktail tables looks like it really brings people together! A comfortable environment with friends and family?- Count us in!


11. Wine Barrels used as Back Walls- You can decorate them anyway you’d like! This item is perfect to use for any theme because you can dress it up however you want!


12. The Wine Barrels pictured above are great for a stylish spot to put gifts and cards from the guests! The use of some fabric and added decorations really tie the piece together!

We hope you enjoyed looking through these unique ways to utilize our wine barrels and are feeling inspired to use some for your next event!

Make sure you have these items for your Oktoberfest event! Our products will definitely fit the theme!

Tell us, which style do you like the best?

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