Picturesque Wellfleet Wedding

Picture this: A beautiful September day, a breathtaking view of the water, and of course our incredible products. From the location to the dance floor this wedding had it all. The wedding took place in the heart of Wellfleet at a rental home and as we can see from the photos, proved to be an ideal spot to wed.


Whites, browns and touches of pink all tie this scene together effortlessly. We love how the white garden chairs sit against the walnut farm tables. Whites and browns paired with one another are a great duo; the chairs, china and flowers all in white instantly grab your attention- Don’t you agree? And we can’t forget about our Barn Board Floor, it truly looks phenomenal. We absolutely love this item. If you want to see more images of this item for a closer look, make sure to check our site we have multiple photos of our custom floor!


Here is a clear shot of how the china, flatware, and glassware look together. For glassware we have the mixed drink glass; a simple look that serves its purpose! The choice of china for this wedding is fiesta accompanied with our forged flatware. The three items compliment one another wonderfully.


Take a look at that view! Simply breathtaking. And here is our Tavern Table, it can transform into just about anything. A table, bar, showcase- you name it! Above it is pictured as a bar along with the galvanized tub (a great choice to keep the drinks refreshingly cool)


We have to acknowledge what a great idea the tree stump cake stand is! (as well as how delicious those cupcakes look) We think if you add some wine barrels (perhaps our rustic plank and wine barrels bar?) to this scene you will get the perfect rustic look! The Wine Country section on our site is full of plenty of items that would really flow with this theme! If this rustic look has you feeling inspired for your next event make sure to check it out for some great ideas.

By the looks of it, September was a month full of gorgeous weddings and events. Congratulations to all the September brides and grooms! We can’t wait to see what October will bring. We have many ideas about particular items you could use for an October event so make sure you take a look at our Oktoberfest board on Pinterest. Also, stay tuned for the “What’s trending in October” blog that will be posted soon. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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