Classic Wedding Style


table-setting_26831661043_oThe goal of a classic wedding is to create an event that is timeless, elegant and will never go out of style.  This style is usually more formal and has all the aspects of traditional wedding that many of us are familiar with. This style wedding helps to capture that classic fairytale that we all hope will come true.


Every wedding begins by choosing a color scheme. A very limited color palette is essential for a classy event. Stick to whites, ivory’s, silver, golds and blushes. Make sure that all of the colors you choose go together seamlessly, with not one color creating too much of a statement. In this style, neutrals are your friend! The goal of the color palette is to create a cohesive look. 

Classic Color Palette

To capture a timeless and elegant look, keep your decor simple. Choose simple linens to cover your tables such as white or ivory.  Simple white china, flatware and glasses add to the elegant look.


The main decoration at the event is typically elegant floral arrangements using roses, hydrangeas, or peonies.  Tables can have a fresh floral centerpiece or a simple decoration, such as a candelabra.  Pale colors such as ivory, blush and white will keep your event classy and traditional.Classic Key Elements (1)

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