Rustic Wedding Style

The rustic wedding style has been all the rage lately. Adding rustic touches to your home decor has become so popular and we can’t help but blame on Joanna and Chip for that. In any case, that rustic flair has made its way into weddings. The rustic style combines nature and simple elegance with a special importance placed on intimate details. 

The color palette for a rustic style wedding can be anything you want. The most important thing though is that you have key colors like browns and greens mixed in with your color. The browns and greens can come in the form of wood tables or greenery. 


maya--aaron-by-corinna-raznikov-photography_16041356701_oMake your ceremony standout by using a driftwood arbor. This interesting element is rustic and nature inspired as well as being a perfect focal point for your ceremony. Add wildflowers and custom wood signs to continue the charming rustic theme throughout.

For your tables choose a natural wood table. This captures the natural and raw feel that you are striving for. Keep the place settings simple, nothing too dramatic. Rustic is all about the simple touches that come together. Copper elements such as chargers or mugs along side mason jars, cream china and forged flatware work well to bring together that rustic feel. 


Rustic Key Elements (1)


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