Bohemian Wedding Style

The Boho style is certainly one that has been up and coming in the clothing and home decor industries, but it has also been making its way into the wedding world. Bohemian wedding style is a laid back and easy style that can be perfect for an outdoor wedding. By combining eclectic and alternative elements, one can create an event with an artsy and more creative feel while still being romantic. By tying in natural greenery and flowy accents you can give your Boho wedding a whimsical feel.


Your color palette will be one of the main factors in creating your bohemian feel at your wedding. Keep the colors earthy with browns and greens with some pops of color such as burnt orange, plums and deeper pinks. Darker and more muted colors with ivory and white accents will help your wedding feel artsy and unique while still keeping it elegant and romantic.

boho color palette

When selecting flowers and centerpieces for your Boho wedding, think greenery to decorate your alter and seating or even use as a headband. Use whites or the brighter colors of your color scheme in your floral arrangements depending on if you are going for a more whimsical look (use whites and ivories with greenery) or a more eclectic look (use the brighter colors to keep tables interesting).

Bohemian weddings are all about the little touches that truly show your style and give the wedding the unique feel you are going for. Add in tribal prints and wild flowers with gold accents such as a napkin ring or romantic font on menus and programs. The boho style is all about letting your personality shine through in every aspect of your special day. Use simple tableware to be the perfect canvas for all the personal touches you add.


Boho Key Elements


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