Monthly Overview: What’s Hot

It’s the first blog post of the month so you know we have to talk about all things trending in August. New ideas, new styles, a fresh start. At the start of every month we will be doing a monthly overview or a “what’s hot”. These posts will cover the trends that we think will be hot or important during the month.

Although it is now August and summer may be winding down, this month still has so much to offer. Here are what’s hot in August:

Color Scheme: Sea Foam and Sandstone 

This color scheme is totally unexpected and different which is why we love it so much. This will take guests by surprise and give your wedding a cooler feel to offset that August heat. This is a very calming and gentle palette that can be as subtle or bright as you choose. Add in pops of other colors such as peach or navy to make this truly your own and reflect exactly the vibe you want it to.  You could even change up the shades depending on the month to make it brighter for spring or more muted for winter.

Naked Cake:

These cakes are simple and elegant. They add an interesting element to any event. Take it to the next level by adding fresh flowers to make these delicious decorations stand out even more. 

Candid Engagement:

No one can deny that they are obsessing over adorable engagement photos lately. We see them everywhere and can’t help but smile when we see those happy candid shots of couples laughing and being goofy or the sweet moments of looking lovingly in each other’s eyes. Ask your photographer to just let you be together and capture the real moments rather than having all posed and expected photos. Have a little fun and show who you truly are as a couple.

Calligraphy and Typography:

Calligraphy and Typography have taken the internet by storm. Fun and intricate invitations up the details at your wedding. You can incorporate fun and elegant fonts into so many aspects of your wedding from the very beginning in your invitations, to your programs, table numbers and menus during the wedding all the way to the end in your favors or thank you notes. The possibilities are endless.

Making it You:

Lately people have been paying special attention to adding touches that make their wedding uniquely theirs. Whether a custom bar or alter is your style or you prefer handmade favors or table accents we love the idea of incorporating personal touches into any aspect of your special day. They can be extravagant or subtle, but either way this is the one day where everything is about you and your partner and it will set the tone for the rest of your lives as a married couple. Make it special because it is a once in a lifetime day.

Let us know what you think this months trends are in the comments!

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