Food and Menus

Of course when you go to any event you are excited about the activities that will take place and the main purpose of the event all together. Whether it is your brother’s wedding and you have been waiting your whole life to embarrass him in a great speech you’ve prepared or it’s your company holiday party and you finally get the chance to hang out with your coworkers and talk about something other than work, going to any event is a fun occasion and usually is something to look forward to.

But what is really the main attraction of any event? The food of course!!

Jennifer Lawrence says what we all feel inside but are too embarrassed to actually admit…

Don’t worry J Law, you said it, but we were all thinking it! What we look forward to at any event is the food that will be served, so it’s important to make sure to serve good food that looks just as scrumptious as it tastes.

From the time guests arrive until they leave, they should be graced with delicious and mouth watering food.

From the passed hors d’oeuvres to the hot and cold stations during cocktail hour to the salad course, entree and dessert, guests want to be wow’d by the food at any event.

Cocktail hour may be a foodie favorite because they get to try little bites of everything! Try to incorporate many types and styles of food. Classic fruit, cheeses, and cold pasta salads at the cold station. Mix it up with different international stations such as Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, and BBQ, or whatever your personal favorite may be. The point is to try and have something for everyone! Keep passed hors d’oeuvres fun and eye-catching. Unique combinations that people may be willing to try a bite of but wouldn’t necessarily order for themselves. Cocktail hour is the time to show diversity in your food and have the chance to please everyone.

When it comes to planning your dinner menu it is key to decide which direction you want to go. For a more casual wedding or event, a buffet is perfect because each individual can have exactly what they want for dinner.  For more formal events, a sit down dinner may be expected and can make your event stand out. Choose items that appeal to you as well as a simpler option that may appeal to pickier guests. The menu should reflect your personal taste and the theme or style of the event. Typically a salad or pasta course will be first followed by a choice of entree or a dual entree such as chicken and beef or surf and turf or chicken and fish. Lastly, of course, is dessert which may or may not go on the menu depending on your preference. Make sure the look of your menu goes nicely with your style or theme of the event and is displayed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you have your event catered or your venue also caters the event, make sure to do a tasting to try the food. Maybe they are known for great steak and that is important to you or maybe they use all organic ingredients. Whatever your preference, make sure you can be confident that guests will love the food. The food at an event is important because it makes a lasting impression and boosts guest enjoyment. Great food=happy people and a happy environment for your day.

Possibly most important in some eyes is dessert! Some people opt to have a fancy dessert bar with a chocolate fountain and a huge sampling of delicious goodies while others prefer to keep it traditional with a stunning, yet equally tasty cake. Dessert will be the last impression for food at the event, so make sure it is on par with the rest of the food. For those with a sweet tooth, like us, dessert should be decadent, elegant, mouth watering and make us keep eating it despite how full we are! We live for cake, ice cream, chocolate, and sweets of all sorts. We want to be completely satisfied at the end of the meal and the only thing which can accomplish that is dessert. Splurge on dessert because trust us, it will be remembered!

Cupcakes are a fun modern idea as an alternative to a layered cake. They can be as simple and fun or as elegant and intricate as you choose but they are for sure a crowd favorite and will have your guests oohing and ahhing!


Although the reason for the event is of course the most important part of the day, the food at your event can elevate it greatly because it is such a widely enjoyed part of life. There will always be those who eat to live, but for a lot of us we live to eat and get so much enjoyment out of incredible food. Whether it is your wedding day, your daughter’s 3rd birthday party, your best friend’s baby shower, or a corporate event you are less than thrilled to be going to, the food can make your event one to remember or it can be mediocre and boring. Trust us, you want to have outstanding food from start to finish to complement the rest of your amazing event that you worked so hard to perfect.


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