Modern Wedding Style

Modern wedding style takes shape from the current trends but applies them to a more urban and clean environment. A modern wedding style has a minimalist vibe, that gravitates toward architectural details. Clean lines and simplistic styles and colors are perfect for capturing this style.


A modern color palette lends itself to stark and contrasting color tones. Colors that work together to balance each other and create a cohesive and dynamic look. You can add some pops of color but overall the look should flow well. Use black and white with an accent color to add some personality into your color scheme. Lights and darks should balance to create the perfect modern chic look to your event.

Modern Color Palette


In keeping with the modern style keep the tables simple and sparse. Clean lines and easy place settings help to continue the theme throughout the space. Flowers add a simple touch to the table but keep them clear of too much additional decor. Choose either flowers or runners but not both. Modern style is about minimalism. Using square plates and incorporating in clean whites will help give your table a modern look.



Go for an industrial look with zinc table tops or bars and simple place settings. Feel free to use silver or gold as an accent color to make your event more glamorous or use farm tables with chic place settings for a more rustic look while still keeping your event modern and sophisticated.


Modern Key Elements

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