Venues: How to make the Right Choice

Location, Location, Location. It is on everyones mind when planning any kind of event. No matter what kind go event it is, wedding, shower or just a plain old party. Location is the first choice that we all make. So how do we make this decision? Here are a few ways to help make the right decision because after all, location matters. 

  1. Create your Budget: This is the crucial first step. Some venues may be out of your budget. That is okay. One should not spend their whole budget on the venue. That is obvious. The are several other aspects of events that need to be budgeted for. Though a location maybe the most amazing venue ever. If it is your whole budget don’t push it. Try and find something similar that is more in your price range. 
  2. Indoors or Outdoors?: Are you looking for an outdoor venue or an indoor venue. Seems pretty simple but it is an obvious choice to make. By making this decision you can help to narrow down the venue that you are looking for. 
  3. Day or Night?: Another simple one but super important. Whatever your choice is it could limit the venues that will be available to you. 
  4. Aesthetic: What is your overall theme? Your venue choice is the backdrop for your whole event. Basically the venue should heighten the event and pull the whole theme  together. 
  5. How many people will be attending your event?: This is really important. Most venues have a limit of how many people it can hold. This is a safety rule. Also venue size can help you to limit or edit down your guest lists. 

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