Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage, so on trend right now it hurts. But how can one pull of the perfect vintage inspired wedding without looking to much like a theme party. The important thing to remember with a vintage inspired event is to hone in on one era. Let that era influence all of the decorating decisions. One can add heirlooms from the period take center stage and add a personal touch.

229_130711_21143924045_oThe color palette for a vintage inspired wedding consists of muted colors. Olive greens, pinky browns, peaches, all work together to capture the vintage feel. The colors should feel “aged” or “antiqued”, hence the use of these colors. Make sure to use a antique white color as your neutral. Incorporate it in the table cloths and other linens.

Vintage Color Palette

The table set up for a vintage wedding is simple. Choose vintage china, flatware and glasses. These act as both functional pieces but also as decoration that continues the theme to the tables. Add more interest by placing different items to the table rather then the conventional flower centerpiece. Old books, other china pieces, any other little pieces from your chosen time period. The littlest accents can make the biggest impact. 

Continue your vintage theme by adding several other vintage details throughout the wedding. Add vintage furniture, seating, picture frames, Anything that really helps to pull the whole event together. 

Vintage Key Elements.jpg

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