Non-Floral Centerpieces

When it comes to the centerpieces at your wedding or event you have to decide if you want to go big and bold or simple and toned down. A big part of this decision will be based on the style of your wedding: whether it’s traditional, boho, modern, rustic, vintage or glamorous will play into the type of centerpiece you have. That being said, you can have whatever sort of centerpiece you want and make it work for your style and theme.


Floral centerpieces are beautiful and can be classic, extravagant or simple. They tie a table together and you can’t go wrong. However, floral centerpieces are expensive and they don’t last more than a few days. We have some ideas on how to create centerpieces that are just as gorgeous, but a little more creative and can hopefully help you save some money!

There are so many other ways to fill the void in the middle of your tables! Some of our favorites are to use candles and lanterns. This is great for an indoor or outdoor wedding and gives the table a warm and inviting feel while creating the perfect mood lighting (no dimming lights required) for your event.

Another option is to use moss and greenery almost as a runner for your table. You can add in a few flowers or candles if desired but it looks gorgeous with just the greens as well.

Fun lettering with a cute table runner is great for a more casual or corporate event and can be dressed up for a wedding or formal event.

If you’re going for a glamorous styled wedding you can always incorporate feathers and jewels or crystals. You can use large vases and fill them with beads or crystals and feathers. Or decorate a candelabra with strands of crystals  for a real show stopper!

If you want a more natural or rustic feel, a great option is to use a basket or bowl filled with fresh fruits and veggies (people can also take these home as favors! 2 birds, 1 stone!). Herb plants or other small potted plants also can make for great centerpieces. You can also pick or find lavender or other wild plants of the sort and put them in mason jars or vases for a beautiful earthy centerpiece.

When it comes to non-floral centerpieces, the options are unlimited and you can do anything you can think of! Be creative, do it yourself or ask for help from friends and family. Stick to your theme and take ideas from the time of year. You can make almost anything into a centerpiece whether its something natural or you are great at crafts! Whatever you choose, keep it you and don’t stress!


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