Wedding Planner: Yes or No?

One of the first steps when planning your wedding is deciding whether or not you want to hire a wedding planner to give expert advice and help you through the process. We are here to help decide if this is an additional expense that makes sense to spend or not.

There are a few types of couples when planning a wedding. Some, who are relatively knowledgable about different aspects of the planning process and already know the kind of wedding they want. Then there are those who haven’g got a clue about what to do or where to start. This will start to determine whether you can figure it out yourselves or if you may need a helping hand to get you to your perfect day.83b106e0-f052-11e5-8d16-12313d2529c5-rs_729

If you are the type of couple that has an exact vision for your day, a Day of Coordinator may be the best option, this way you can do all the planning yourself but get to enjoy a stress
free wedding day for a much smaller price than having a planner to help you with all the decisions you already know the answer to.

If you are the couple who is completely overwhelmed by all aspects of wedding planning from picking a venue, to color scheme, to dress, to food and drink, a planner may be the best option for you. This expert can guide you through all the decisions to give you the wedding you couldn’t have even dreamed of. However, this will come with a pretty high price tag if you want someone who will do a good job. The expense may be worth it if you don;t have the time, effort or desire to devote to planning your special day, but if not you can become your own wedding planner by doing some research and reaching out to knowledgable friends and family.

Any of your friends married? Ask for help!! Ask parents and cousins and family friends, between all of their combined info you could have enough to at least get started. From there just take the decisions one day at a time and use a wedding planning guide which you can find anywhere! Here’s a couple great wedding planning checklists we found to help you out! From Real Simple, Here Comes the Guide, Pinterest, and even a whole printable binder with guide from Botanical Paper Works!

Even if you know exactly how you want your wedding, these guides and checklists will help to ensure you don’t miss any of the little details and give you a better idea off a wedding planning timeline which is the most difficult aspect of the wedding planning process.

So what it comes down to in determining whether you want to hire a wedding planner or not, the real question is whether you have the time and ability as well as the desire to do it yourself or if you are content with spending the money to get professional help.

If you do, great! They will help you to find the best venue, food, dress shops, music, florists and photographers because they know the market and who and what the best options are in your budget. They will do the grunt work and you just have to give opinions and say necr-oh-lovely-day-ashley-therese-photography_12816060334_owhat you like better. They will deal with the stress and put in the time and effort, because that is their job. The day of you get to enjoy yourself and have a wonderful wedding that
you didn’t have to stress over too much to plan. However, it is key to find  planner who you will work well with and who will be as detail oriented or as lax about the process as you will. You will have to give up control so make sure you will be okay with this because it could cause problems down the line when things don’t go exactly as you wanted but you aren’t in complete control. You do have to let the planner do their job and figure out some situations while you sit back and just hope they are great at what they do!

If the answer is no and you decide to give it a whirl yourself, that’s also great! You’ll save a lot of money that can be spent on elements of your actual wedding. You get to be 100% involved and feel accomplished when it all comes together the day of. You also get to be in the driver’s seat the entire time and don’t have to worry about working with anyone but your significant other and anyone else you want assistance from. It’s time consuming and will  be stressful at times but can save you a lot of money and may be worth it in the end when you get to enjoy your day knowing you made it happen!

Either way, you can use planning guides and our good friend Pinterest to help you through it all and when you need help from friends and family, don’t be afraid to ask because we guarantee they want to help in any way, shape or form that they can!





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