Bringing the Outdoors In

Well, it has officially gotten to the cold part of fall which means being outside for extended periods of time sounds less than enjoyable. As we head inside for some holiday cheer and warm food and drink, let us give you some creative ideas to give your holiday party an outdoorsy feel while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace and mulled cider.


We are loving outdoor fire pits as a centerpiece of a room. Interlace twinkle lights as an alternative to an open flame (which you should not try at home, or inside at all). Another option is to use lanterns which are usually a super cute accent for outdoor events to warm it up and make the space cozy, so why shouldn’t we use them inside for the same purpose!!

Another idea is to incorporate woodsy items into your table scape. Use a tree slice as the base for a centerpiece or birch branches in a vase. Pinecones and fall fruits also make for more understated, yet equally beautiful centerpiece.

One of our products we love is our tree slice bar which is an awesome and unique piece to “bring the outdoors in!”

Use greenery, pumpkins and gourds wherever possible to spruce up your event space. They make everything look festive and organic.

You can’t go wrong with shades of brown, forest greens and reds and golds. These are the colors of nature and the best way to give an organic and outdoorsy feel without actually using trees at your event.

Above all think earthy decor and color scheme which is perfect for Autumn and is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in now that we have to suck it up that our days of late night bonfires on the beach are a little out of the question. Unless maybe you have invented a full body sized hand warmer that we can wrap ourselves in?! No… us either… what a shame. Guess our only option is to have wonderful cozy parties with comfort food and hot spiked cider with pumpkin flavored everything. How ever will we survive?!

Keep an eye out for our post on creating a winter wonderland that Jack Frost himself would be proud of!

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