Beach Weekend Getaway

When it hits 5 o’clock on Fridays, people head home, pack their bags up for the weekend, and drive down to the Cape. If you need help selecting some fun tunes to play on the drive there check out this car karaoke Spotify playlist: Car Karaoke (believe me, this is one of the best playlists to sing along too).


One of the best parts of a weekend getaway is a beach picnic! There’s so much room for creativity here and you can pack pretty much anything for the beach. Some of my favorites include a cheese and fruit board, salads (dressing on the side), and small desserts. You want to pack food that is an easy clean-up and that does not need to be kept hot. Feel free to also dress up the table landscape with a nice linen blanket, pillows, and some tea light candles to create a cozy environment. Check out the photo below for some inspiration!

beach picnic

As you pack up your bags on Sunday and get back in the car, you’re already looking forward to the next weekend. The fresh sea air, the softness of the sand on your feet, and late night barbecues are what make the beach so special. To bring a little bit of the beach back home, check out NECR’s custom linen ocean design below. Whether you want to set this on your dining room table or hang it from your windows, you’ll be happy to see a piece of the beach at your home.

ocean linen

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