Trending Summer Décor Collections


Trending Collections For This Summer!

Summer is here and it is time to update your home décor to make sure you’re in with the new summer trends! Good thing NECR is here with our collections on Wayfair, that are perfect to bring in the new season and liven up the spaces you spend your time in. Check out some of the hottest collections we have and see the endless possibilities that we can make happen!

argyle collection

The Argyle Collection

Argyle is one of those classic patterns that people can never quite get enough of, including us! These forest green argyle pieces fit great for summer because the green compliments the natural beauty of the outdoors perfectly, and the crossing pattern of thin lines is appealing to give a laid back vibe. Adding a classic pattern like argyle to any room draws in the attention of guests and makes for a great conversation starter as well!

Starfish Collection

The Starfish Collection

How does it get anymore lively than starfish? We don’t know, but we love this summery and nautical pattern as an addition to any home’s décor! This pattern brings out the sea lovers in all of us and brings a little bit of the ocean indoors. This vibrant red is a great color option to brighten up a room, but we have all of our patterns in a variety of colors as well and they all work great!

Kaleidoscope Collection

The Kaleidoscope Collection

We love the kaleidoscope collection because it brings a subtle complexity into the equation for your guests and family to be drawn in with. This pattern has a boldness that just screams summer to us because of the flower-like shapes repeated in it as well as the soft lines throughout giving it structure but not too much because this is the summer and we do need to retain the laid back vibe. The black and white are simple but elegant and bring out the pattern in the best way.


We hope these ideas spark your imagination. Visit our Wayfair page by searching “NECR Print” or give us a call at 781-990-6000 if you have any ideas for home décor patterns not seen on Wayfair. We do customization and can make them come to life!

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