NECR | New England Country Rentals, Inc. started by happenstance and because of a vision – one of farm tables. After weeks of searching for the perfect tables and no luck, NECR’s founders decided to take it upon themselves to make the perfect farm table – actually 22 of them. With the support of family and friends, word spread quickly and soon the tables were being rented time and time again.  Over the next few years, that team grew to be a family of over 100, offering thousands of products, spanning over 100,000 square feet of warehouse, and crisscrossing the Northeast on a daily basis.

While we may have accidentally stumbled upon the world of “event rentals” with our humble beginnings in late 2010, it is the unknown that keeps us going. We are not an “event rental company”. We are comprised of dozens of uniquely talented and creative people, from all walks of life, who love putting their energy into making each event unique and special and bringing clients’ vision to life. We are constantly launching new and exciting products, designs, and opportunities – and we are always looking for ways to reinvent ourselves, our products, and our industry. We are not looking to for the ripple effect – we are looking for the tidal wave.

Under the leadership of Kelly Hurley, and supported – as always – by our unparalleled team of custom designers, builders, and rental inventory experts, we continue to work diligently, innovating and perfecting event after event, with renewed enthusiasm for the future, and you. It was your unflagging support and demand over the years that inspired and buoyed our gradual expansion from a custom farm table shop to luxe rentals galore, expansive design services, and custom EVERYTHING.

Thank you for your patronage, from the bottom of our hearts – we can’t wait to help you celebrate 2016 and beyond.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’ve been looking for a source of wine barrels to make drums out of in the Providence/Boston Area. They are being used to make Japanese Taiko drums. Please contact me if you are willing to share the resource with me! I’d only be looking for 4 this year. I would sincerely appreciate your help!



  2. Shannon Kenney

    Good morning-
    I am getting married October 13, 2012 at Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, VT. I was interested in renting black wrought iron chandeliers. Does your company service VT?

    Thanks very much!
    Shannon Kenney


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