How to Decorate with Lights

Tea Light Holders for Your Tablescape

tea lights in sand, beachWe are obsessed with this idea of a wine glass filled with sea shells and sand. It looks so classy and fun at the same time! This look would be perfect on a table for your home to mix things up a bit for your family dinner, or an upscale event like an outdoor, beach-themed wedding. We also love the idea of using a sea shell with sand as a candle holder. The blue offsets the white shell and cream-colored sand beautifully and makes for the perfect addition to your summer tablescape. This look would work great at a casual event such as a classy cookout or even a beach wedding as well.

Hang Small Lights from the
Ceiling or Wall

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 1.11.10 PMHanging lights are a huge trend in homes and even college dorm rooms today.

Unconventional Candle Holder Ideas

hanging tea lights

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 1.20.45 PM



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Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage, so on trend right now it hurts. But how can one pull of the perfect vintage inspired wedding without looking to much like a theme party. The important thing to remember with a vintage inspired event is to hone in on one era. Let that era influence all of the decorating decisions. One can add heirlooms from the period take center stage and add a personal touch.

229_130711_21143924045_oThe color palette for a vintage inspired wedding consists of muted colors. Olive greens, pinky browns, peaches, all work together to capture the vintage feel. The colors should feel “aged” or “antiqued”, hence the use of these colors. Make sure to use a antique white color as your neutral. Incorporate it in the table cloths and other linens.

Vintage Color Palette

The table set up for a vintage wedding is simple. Choose vintage china, flatware and glasses. These act as both functional pieces but also as decoration that continues the theme to the tables. Add more interest by placing different items to the table rather then the conventional flower centerpiece. Old books, other china pieces, any other little pieces from your chosen time period. The littlest accents can make the biggest impact. 

Continue your vintage theme by adding several other vintage details throughout the wedding. Add vintage furniture, seating, picture frames, Anything that really helps to pull the whole event together. 

Vintage Key Elements.jpg

Venues: How to make the Right Choice

Location, Location, Location. It is on everyones mind when planning any kind of event. No matter what kind go event it is, wedding, shower or just a plain old party. Location is the first choice that we all make. So how do we make this decision? Here are a few ways to help make the right decision because after all, location matters. 

  1. Create your Budget: This is the crucial first step. Some venues may be out of your budget. That is okay. One should not spend their whole budget on the venue. That is obvious. The are several other aspects of events that need to be budgeted for. Though a location maybe the most amazing venue ever. If it is your whole budget don’t push it. Try and find something similar that is more in your price range. 
  2. Indoors or Outdoors?: Are you looking for an outdoor venue or an indoor venue. Seems pretty simple but it is an obvious choice to make. By making this decision you can help to narrow down the venue that you are looking for. 
  3. Day or Night?: Another simple one but super important. Whatever your choice is it could limit the venues that will be available to you. 
  4. Aesthetic: What is your overall theme? Your venue choice is the backdrop for your whole event. Basically the venue should heighten the event and pull the whole theme  together. 
  5. How many people will be attending your event?: This is really important. Most venues have a limit of how many people it can hold. This is a safety rule. Also venue size can help you to limit or edit down your guest lists. 

Beachy Wedding Style

Whether you have a destination wedding or just want to bring the beach to you, a beach inspired wedding is the perfect way to keep your day relaxed and tropical. Walk down the aisle to your soulmate with your toes in the sand. Who needs decorations in your ceremony space when the waves crashing behind you can be your perfect backdrop!

Beachy color palette

For a beach themed wedding keep your color scheme bright and tropical with neutrals to balance. Tan linen suits or khaki pants and white button downs for the gents are the perfect way to keep the ceremony classy while still being laid back. Add in pops of color like aqua or bright coral in floral arrangements and accents.



Tying in fun beachy elements like shells and starfish is a fun yet elegant way to keep your beach theme present throughout the event.




Beach weddings can be beautiful and breath taking even when its not 85 degrees and sunny. This intimate ceremony space that incorporates greens and neutrals with the calm gray ocean is the perfect example of how to do a beachy wedding that isn’t tropical. Beach weddings are not just for the Caribbean!

Beach weddings are a great way to make sure your wedding is fun and laid back. Get flip flops for your guests to use so they don’t have to attempt sand in heels or for a comfortable alternative for dancing. Personalize fun outdoor games like corn-hole or life-size Jenga to step up the fun on your special day.

The best part about a beach wedding? The pictures are incredible and the setting is one of the most romantic places to get married. Along with being a stunning background for your ceremony, it’s also one of the most affordable ceremony spaces. All you need to do is rent your favorite chairs and decorate your alter (check out our ideas here).

We love the way a beachy wedding can be so different and unique depending on the couple! Whether you want a tropical feel with Piña coladas, bright flowers and steel drums or simple and laid back with flowy neutrals and a boardwalk, a beach wedding is perfect to make sure all your guests, and you, enjoy the first day of your happily wedded bliss.

Key Elements

Bohemian Wedding Style

The Boho style is certainly one that has been up and coming in the clothing and home decor industries, but it has also been making its way into the wedding world. Bohemian wedding style is a laid back and easy style that can be perfect for an outdoor wedding. By combining eclectic and alternative elements, one can create an event with an artsy and more creative feel while still being romantic. By tying in natural greenery and flowy accents you can give your Boho wedding a whimsical feel.


Your color palette will be one of the main factors in creating your bohemian feel at your wedding. Keep the colors earthy with browns and greens with some pops of color such as burnt orange, plums and deeper pinks. Darker and more muted colors with ivory and white accents will help your wedding feel artsy and unique while still keeping it elegant and romantic.

boho color palette

When selecting flowers and centerpieces for your Boho wedding, think greenery to decorate your alter and seating or even use as a headband. Use whites or the brighter colors of your color scheme in your floral arrangements depending on if you are going for a more whimsical look (use whites and ivories with greenery) or a more eclectic look (use the brighter colors to keep tables interesting).

Bohemian weddings are all about the little touches that truly show your style and give the wedding the unique feel you are going for. Add in tribal prints and wild flowers with gold accents such as a napkin ring or romantic font on menus and programs. The boho style is all about letting your personality shine through in every aspect of your special day. Use simple tableware to be the perfect canvas for all the personal touches you add.


Boho Key Elements


Dressing Up Your Alter

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the alter. This is the place where you and your loved one will say your vows and stand together for the first time as a married couple. Why not make your alter stand out and become a memorable part of your wedding.

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Cut Outs: Add an architectural element to your alter by adding cut outs. Not only can you customize the design, it will draw you audience’s eye to the alter and keep the focus on you.

Drapery: Adding drapery around your alter creates a soft and elegant background to your nuptials. Drapery can fit in a variety of wedding styles, and is a great and simple way to add interest to the alter.

Florals and Greenery: A simple and classic way to decorate an alter. Adding flowers and greens creates a fresh and clean decoration to the alter space. This also allows you to create a more customized look to your alter and tie in your colors and theme to each part of your big day.

Monograms: Plain, simple and straight forward. You and your partner are saying “I do” why not do it in front of your new monogram?

Vintage Doors: Doors can create a fun and interesting frame for your vows. They are an unexpected addition that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The perfect way to represent entering your new life together.

Chandeliers: What a perfect way to light up your alter. Adding a beautiful chandelier to your alter not only adds light but adds a touch of elegance.

Rustic Wedding Style

The rustic wedding style has been all the rage lately. Adding rustic touches to your home decor has become so popular and we can’t help but blame on Joanna and Chip for that. In any case, that rustic flair has made its way into weddings. The rustic style combines nature and simple elegance with a special importance placed on intimate details. 

The color palette for a rustic style wedding can be anything you want. The most important thing though is that you have key colors like browns and greens mixed in with your color. The browns and greens can come in the form of wood tables or greenery. 


maya--aaron-by-corinna-raznikov-photography_16041356701_oMake your ceremony standout by using a driftwood arbor. This interesting element is rustic and nature inspired as well as being a perfect focal point for your ceremony. Add wildflowers and custom wood signs to continue the charming rustic theme throughout.

For your tables choose a natural wood table. This captures the natural and raw feel that you are striving for. Keep the place settings simple, nothing too dramatic. Rustic is all about the simple touches that come together. Copper elements such as chargers or mugs along side mason jars, cream china and forged flatware work well to bring together that rustic feel. 


Rustic Key Elements (1)


Glam Wedding Style

For those who are searching for a wedding style that is memorable, the Glam wedding style might be for you. The soft lighting, sparkly elements, beautiful flower arrangements come together to create a memorable evening for a once-in-a-lifetime event.


The color palette for a glam wedding should reflect the feeling that you wish to portray. When glam comes to our mind we think of metallics such as gold or silver, with beautiful rich jewel tones as accents. Choose one main color pair such as gold and white, then add accents in another color that will help create a rich, luxurious feel.

Glam Color Palette

Make your wedding stand out with an amazing ceremony setup. Create a dramatic backdrop for your vows using flowers and a glamorous chuppah. The mirrored surfaces and gradient floral backdrop bring the glam, while the classic white chairs bring some balance.  Make sure that your ceremony is memorable for both your guests and yourself. Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why not go all out?

For wedding venue decor continue the glam aesthetic with table settings and floral arrangements. Add interest to tables by using sparkly linens and gold place settings. Continue that luxe feel with other gold accents on the table such as candle sticks, flatware and gold rimmed glasses.

Choose tall floral arrangements. The height fits in perfectly with a glam setting but also allows for guests to converse easily. These arrangements will make the perfect statement in the room and add a dramatic flair. Another option would be to create a dramatic effect using candles and candelabras.


Key Elements Glam (1)