Summer Birthday Celebrations

From the end of June to beginning of July, the group chat I have with my siblings is constantly going off. My parents birthdays are 5 days apart and we always want to do something special for both of them. They both have different styles and tastes so we try to make dinner and the day catered to them.

We all have at least one friend who has a birthday during the summer months and there’s so many unique party ideas you can do for them. Check out the two photos below for some different party inspirations!

Obviously the best thing about birthday parties is all the desserts! My mom’s favorite is a chocolate flourless cake and The Kitchn has a wonderful recipe you should use for your next get-together! My dad’s favorite dessert is pistachio ice cream which is perfect during these summer months! For a unique way to change up the desserts, think of different toppings you could add to desserts such as chocolate chips or raspberry sauce.

pistachio ice cream

chocolate flourless cake

Now, when a close friends birthday is slowly approaching, there’s no need to panic! Take it one step at a time and if you’re in need of any rental or custom design pieces, reach out to NECR. We can help with any custom dessert table or bright signs to celebrate their birthday!



Graduation Party SZN

If you’re in need of some fun ideas for your graduation party this post will provide some creative and inspirational projects anyone can do! The recent graduates are heading towards new steps in their life and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party for them? As the season of graduation parties commences, people start thinking of gifts, sweets, and decorations they can do for their own party.

graduation photo 2017


For any custom design, print, rentals, or fabrications, check out NECR’s past work to see if they could help with your graduate’s party. From custom design tables for all the desserts to displays for the senior photos, NECR can create any display that you want.

Custom tables (pictured above) are a unique way to display photos, party favors, and desserts. The height of these displays allows for people to see everything and adds variety to usual table setups. You can also choose a theme for the party such as a color palette of the future college your graduate will be at. A rustic theme (pictured left) is another fun and different way to display desserts.

graduation table displaygraduation party table display

A classic way to display food and photos is with a traditional table display. By using the space around the table with streamers, balloons, and signs, you can make the space bigger and add height to the display. Also, be sure to use plates and stands of varying heights to add some structure, it also allows for easier access to all the wonderful food you made!

Cheers to a wonderful graduation party season! Contact NECR at +1 (781)-990-6000 for a design consultation and check out our website at NECR Events

And a quick shout out to Hostess with the Mostess for some of the stellar inspiration pics!